Help North Country HealthCare Build a Healthy Future

We’re launching our 2017 Year End Campaign with a goal of raising $25,000 by December 31st. Can we count on you for your support?

Sonya Kanady w Abbott

Thanks to people like you, North Country HealthCare was able to provide quality healthcare to nearly 60,000 northern Arizonans this year.

On behalf of them, we applaud your understanding of how important access to care is in our rural communities.

One of our favorite success stories of the year is about Sonya who was in desperate need of care. Suffering from an undiagnosed chronic condition and without affordable insurance, her health was spiraling out of control. We were able to get Sonya health insurance she could afford and connect her with Dr. Brandon Abbott. Now she’s able to do the things she loves to do with the people that mean the most.

Each day, your support makes stories like Sonya’s possible.

Today, we’re launching our 2017 Angel Fund Campaign with a goal of raising $25,000 by December 31st and we simply cannot do this without you.


“North Country HealthCare saved my life. They helped me through tough times when I didn’t have insurance. And even now they are still saving my life. I recommended North Country to everyone I know.”

Marguerite Ernst
North Country HealthCare patient

Read Margo’s story here.


“What I experienced that day was the human side of healthcare. That’s the kind of care you can’t pay for with a copay at the front desk.”

Cloyd Moody, Jr.
North Country HealthCare patient

Read Cloyd’s story here.

Where Your Money Goes

Examples of how your donation will make a lasting impact on our community



Skip your morning Starbucks one day this week and donate your $5 coffee drink to helping patients in need. $25 for the entire week!



Ah-choo! Help keep your friends and neighbors healthy this season by donating a flu shot for just $15. Donate two for $30.



Early detection saves lives. Your $40 donation will help detect a variety of cancers through our health screening programs.



Sometimes patients need to travel to Phoenix or other cities for care. Donating a gas card will help cover the cost of round trip travel.

2016 Community Impact

A breakdown of how we helped our northern Arizonans last year

At North Country HealthCare it’s our mission to keep you healthy to do the things you love to do and to be with the ones you love, for a very long time. North Country HealthCare is a community health center. We provide quality primary healthcare to the entire community! We care for those that have chronic conditions and sudden illness. Our doctors and providers are especially passionate about preventive care to keep our patients healthy, active and ready to enjoy life. Your generous contributions help us continue to create healthier communities.


“I used to be the person who always sat in the back of the room, but I’m a different person now. I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life; I can’t express how thankful and happy I am!”

Stephanie Lucero
Angel Fund recipient


“The Angel Fund is a great option for [patients that don’t have insurance]. It can help with their initial consult, which, a lot of times is enough to get them the treatment that they need.”

Nicole Korey, PA-C
North Country HealthCare

Your Donation = Tax Credit

Your donation to North Country HealthCare can be claimed as a tax credit for 2017

Beautiful family portrait looking very happy smiling and looking at the camera

Claim Your Arizona Tax Credit for 2017

In addition to making a difference in our community, here’s another reason to donate: North Country HealthCare is on the AZDOR list of qualified charities.

This means when you donate to North Country HealthCare, you will get a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit (better than a tax deduction) and you don’t have to itemize!

  • $400 (filing single) or $800 (filing married-joint)
  • You can take the charitable tax credit in addition to the school tax credit

*North Country HealthCare is not a tax advisor, consult with your own financial advisor.