Tim DodtPresident

Current Profession: Senior Director and Northern Arizona Regional Manager, Commercial Banking

Interests/Hobbies or Fun Fact(s): I am an Arizona native that has spent the majority of my life in the Phoenix area. My wife and I decided to raise our children in a smaller community, so we headed north to Prescott. We resided there for ten years prior to moving to Flagstaff in 2017.

We love the outdoors, and exploring as a family, all of the wonderful things our great state has to offer. When not skiing, hiking, and mountain biking, we love traveling and visiting other states and countries too. We have made some inroads in visiting a majority of our national parks and look forward to checking them all off our travel list.

Why I believe in/support North Country HealthCare: Access to medical care is such an important pillar for a community to thrive. As I have come to understand our rural northern Arizona communities, the importance and need for healthcare has become even more apparent. North Country HealthCare serves rural communities that would otherwise go without critical health and dental services.

In addition to being a valuable care provider for all populations, North Country also provides much need resources and programming such as NACASA, the Well Woman HealthCheck program, behavioral health and maternal and child health programs. Above all, there is the Angel Fund that can be accessed by providers and care managers on behalf of a patient. The fund provides financial assistance for medical needs that aren’t covered by insurance such as food insecurity, medical travel and lodging, or home modifications needed to improve the quality of life. The fund supports both the care provider, who is acutely aware of a patient’s need as well as patient, that may decline treatment or much needed resources purely for financial reasons.

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