The Reverend Ann R. JohnsonDirector

Current Profession: Retired

North Country HealthCare Patient: Yes

Interests/Hobbies or Fun Fact(s): I am currently retired from active ministry, but work closely with the local Episcopal Church, clergy groups and diocesan activities. With a colleague I have written a ministry program for those in the second half of life (sometimes called”Elders”). I visit parishes across the state to introduce and support this ministry.

I like to read and study. I enjoy working with marginalized populations. I enjoy being with my family of three children and their spouses and six grand children. I like yoga, tai chi and exercise. I truly enjoy working with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, keeping symphonic music available in Northern Arizona.

Fun fact–l know sign language, having worked as a teacher of children who are dead or hard of hearing for 37 years.

Why I believe in/support North Country HealthCare: I beloved that all people deserve access to quality health care. I belove in the approach of NCHC to provide these services and to educate people on allergy’s of good health.

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